What happens when I reset my Emberpulse?

When you reset your Emberpulse, you will be clearing all the data that is currently stored on your Emberpulse, this includes all of your Wi-Fi settings as well as any devices or meters that were connected to your Emberpulse.

What do I need to do if I have reset my Emberpulse?

If you have performed a reset on your Emberpulse, you will need to re-connect your Emberpulse to your Wi-Fi network and any other devices that were previously connected to your Emberpulse, including your fuse box/smart meter and any home automation devices.

How do I re-connect my Emberpulse to my home Wi-Fi network?

To re-connect to your home Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions in Update your Wi-Fi Network.

How do I re-connect my Emberpulse to my electricity meter?

  • Fuse Box Meters - to re-connect your Emberpulse to your fuse box meter, follow the instructions in Resetting your Fuse Box Meter
  • Smart Meters - you will need to re-open your smart meter connection window, this is done by accessing your relevant electricity distributors' online portal and requesting to re-connect your Emberpulse.

How do I re-connect my Emberpulse to my Home Automation devices?

You will need to reset the individual devices and then follow the instructions in Installing Home Automation Devices to re-connect your device to the Emberpulse.